Numbo Call Blocker: Stop Unwanted Calls
Get rid of spam forever!


How does Blockspamcalls work?

We own the unique database of numbers contains lists of spam, scam, robo, etc... This database is connected to this web, so you can find any numbers that you would like to find info about.

How to add rating for a number?

During the reporting numbers you can select one of the categories to which the number belongs to. Then our system assigns the appropriate star rating to the number.

What do the categories mean?

Categories are used to guide users wanting to know who is calling them.

What if I don't know the country the number is calling from?

You have two options:
  1. You can select the right flag with area code during the reporting number.
  2. You can find country or area code in the list at the "Area code" section.

Is there a limit to the amount of numbers I can report to be blocked?

No, there isn't any limit, but remember, you should be useful to other users like you.

How much does Blockspamcalls cost?

Blockspamcalls website is free. We'll be happy to help you detect spam numbers. If you would like to avoid any spam numbers, try out our mobile apps.

What does Blockspamcalls and Numbo / OctoCaller apps have in common?

One mission, one team, one solution to avoid all the annoying spam calls.

How can I update my database?

Blockspamcalls website is always updated. Apps have two ways, how to update:
  1. Automatic update, when you are online with your mobile device.
  2. Manually update made by you in the app.

Why does the app need access to my contacts?

We would like to offer you the best solution to stop spam calls and then the app needs access to your contacts. It also filters fake reports of your friend's numbers.

How and where can I create a blacklist?

In Numbo or OctoCaller you have the option to create the blacklist, that blocks only the numbers that you want to. This feature is active even if you have a free trial version.

Can I try Numbo/OctoCaller for free?

Of course, both our apps offer free trials. Just give them a try!

Which phones are supported?

We support all iPhone devices and most of the devices on the Android platform.

Does the app work if my phone is offline?

Yes, it does! Just keep your database updated.